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The Secret to Natural Beauty

Cosmetic tattoo

Breast and Nipple Tattooing 

Nipple Areola Restoration with 3D Simulative Areola Tattooing 

To achieve the highest possible standard of breast reconstruction post surgery, either as a alternative to nipple reconstruction or alongside nipple reconstruction. 

These treatments are performed for patients post reconstruction following breast cancer, or post mastopexy (breast lift) breast enhancement (implant) or reduction. 

Just as women’s breast naturally occur in a wide variety of shapes, orientations and sizes, the nipple areola complex can also vary in shape, size, colour, position, and orientation.

When selecting a areola tattooist, it is essential to look for a practitioner who has become familiar with the range in appearance of normal nipple areola complex, and its location on the breast. 

The following are some of the key elements that we focus on to provide the best aesthetic outcome: 

  • Creating a soft, slightly irregular border of the Nipple Areola Complex, as it would appear naturally. 

  • Colour matching, even if the existing nipples do not exist. We do this by examining the complexion and the natural lip colour or examining any photos you may have pre operative. 

  • Creating a natural effect through highlights, grading of colour, and creating points where light will naturally reflect. 

  • Understanding the geometrical landmark for positioning the nipple areola complex for patients without any existing nipple. 

  • Understanding the direct relationship between breast size and the nipple areola complex size in achieving optimal appearance. 

  • Creating as much symmetry as is practical in order to provide a natural yet aesthetically pleasing outcome. 

The above are all characteristics of 3D Simulative Areola Tattooing, a delicate treatment that cannot be performed without specialized training and extensive experience and a strong background in cosmetic tattooing and corrective tattoos.

Scar Camouflage

Post cosmetic surgery, often the scar is visible in the area surrounding the nipple areola complex, and often an inverted T of scarring can be visible on the breast starting beneath the Nipple Areola Complex. Although scar tissue can be resilient towards accepting tattoo pigment, after several treatments and sometimes with the addition of Dermapen skin needling to assist in minimizing the scarring the breast can become more aesthetically pleasing. 

Due to the sensitive nature of these treatments, before and after images can only be provided when you visit out expert tattoo artist in clinic for consultation. Consultations are complimentary and free from any obligations. 

Cosmetic Tattoo Enhancements

lips, eyes and brows you’ve always wanted

Cosmetic tattoo is used to enhance your natural beauty by defining the eyes, correcting eyebrows and enhancing lips. Results are exceptional and add a finishing touch to the face without appearing over done or artificial.

Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 1.48.02 PM.png

Our cosmetic tattoo artist has over 15 years of experience and is internationally renowned for her work. All cosmetic tattoos, for enhancement or correction, will be especially tailored to you and your features.

Key Benefits

  • Eyebrow mapping and correction

  • Colour correction for the lips

  • Natural eye definition

I never thought I would love this enhancement as much as I do. I recommend it to absolutely everyone. Eyes look naturally defined, eyebrows become perfectly shaded and shaped, lips are colour corrected and enhanced.
— Mona Almas - Director, Beyond Perfection Laser Clinics

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